frequently asked questions


My hourly rate is $175 / hour, as is my minimum. I encourage you to bring as many ideas as you like or pick from our flash to have just in case we have more time than anticipated.

To begin your booking process, you can fill out the tattoo request form. It will prompt you describe your design with a space to upload reference photo. Your tattoo approval will be responded to via e-mail (check your junk folders under Bare Beauty Ink or jotform). It will guide you on how to send your deposit and how to reserve your appointment.

Yes, I do create custom tattoo art. Please get as clear as possible with your final vision, including as many reference photos as possible and the style you would like to see. A drawing fee will be incurred based on the hours taken to create your original piece. This will all be drawn and completed outside of your in-person tattoo appointment. On the day of your tattoo appointment, the beginning portion is reserved for final customization of your design.

Yes, a $100 deposit will be taken in order to book or begin the design process of your tattoo. The following will result in the forfeit of your deposit: No-shows, rescheduling before 48 hours, arriving at your appointment with sunburn/ trauma on the desired tattoo area, arriving late beyond being able to complete your appointment and arriving at your appointment in an unfit state eg. intoxication or pregnancy.

Touch-ups are considered continuations of your artwork. Especially with the delicate designs, your body + art may need more time/ sessions with your artist to complete it. They will be subject to the regular hourly rate.

For aftercare lotions, I recommend non-irritating water-based products that are light, and absorbent. I recommend lubriderm, cetaphyl or unscented aloe vera. For more on my recommendations and aftercare please read my tattoo aftercare protocol.